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We will provide healthy living food from tower to table

We will build economically and nutritionally thriving minority communities through access to healthy food and proper health food education

Our Founders

Pamela Harris
Creative Director / Founder
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Adam Inyang
CIO / Founder
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Serial entrepreneur | Social activist | Global Traveler 

Pamela Harris is the co-founder of Good Eden which is more of a movement to liberate people from depending on grocery stores & hospitals and to start discovering natural cures for thyself.  Pamela is a serial entrepreneur, social activist, global traveler - all which are means of healing herself.

Adam is an artist with many canvases. In order to paint a picture of black liberation, he's co-founded Good Eden with the goal of creating food system solutions that reverse the negative effects of food deserts in minority communities. Adam is an accomplished musician, graphic designer, photographer, and historian.

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